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S.A.L.T. Yacht in the current situation

Situation in Germany:
Due to the Covid pandemic and the current measures, the company's operations are severely restricted. S.A.L.T. Yacht GmbH and all divisions comply with the measures, guidelines and recommendations of the federal states, the German Federal Government, or, in the case of international locations, with the regulations of the respective country.On this page we bundle the information and respective restrictions of the individual divisions.

Our leisure activities in the Covid season of Summer 2022

Our suggestions can be found at:

SALT sailing school at Lake Bostal

The sailing school at Bostalsee has resumed its operation. There may be limitations. All information can be found on the website of the lake administration under .

The rental station for sailing dinghies is open. The dinghies are handed over without personnel via an access code.

The sailing courses can take place in the SALT training centre. To attend the course, a negative corona test or proof of full vaccination or recovery is required and a medical mask must be worn during class.

All information can be found on the website of the sailing school. All examinations should take place as planned.

SALT windsurfing school Lake Bostal

The windsurfing school at Lake Bostal has resumed its operation. Please use only our entrance to the lido, as there is a contingent of a maximum of 1000 beach visitors at the other entrances at the same time.

Surf lessons take place daily during the summer holidays and every weekendafterwards.

The rental station for surf equipment is open.

All information on the website of the SALT windsurfing school.

SALT SUP station at Lake Bostal

The SUP station at Bostalsee has resumed operations. Please use only our entrance to the lido, as there is a contingent of a maximum of 1000 beach visitors at the other entrances at the same time.

The SUP basic courses take place regularly every weekend.

The rental station for SUP equipment is open.

Further information can be found on the website of the SALT SUP station.

SALT SUP station in Saarbruecken

The SUP station in Saarbruecken will open from 22.04.2022.

Further information can be found on the website of the SALT SUP station.

SALT Yacht Lake Constance

Our skipper trainings are suspended, as accommodation on the yacht is currently not possible in accordance with the Covid prevention regulations.

Further information can be found on the website of SALT Yacht Lake Constance.

Corona restrictions see: Special page of the state government of Baden-Würtemberg The Bodenseekreis also has a website with current information under Bodenseekreis Corona. Here you will find up-to-date information on case numbers, infection protection and regulations.

The execution of our trips abroad is currently suspended until May 2022.

SALT Yacht Italy

Our branch in Italy is partially open.

Sailing lessons can take place.

Sailboat rental from the Italian part of Lake Maggiore can currently not take place.

However, we can offer sailboat rental on the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore through our Swiss partner.

Motorboat rental takes place through us see and our Italian partner Boat-Rental-Cannero, see

The Corona restrictions can be found on the website of the provincia Verbano Cusio Ossola or on the website.

For more information, see

SALT Yacht France

Our branch in France is expected to remain closed until May 2022.

The corona restrictions in French can be found on the website of the governorate.

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S.A.L.T. Yacht GmbH
Mon to Sun 9am to 10pm
Tel. 0800/96707-96 (Toll-free in Germany)
Tel. international +49681/96707-96
Whatsapp: +49681/96707-96


SALT Yacht on Instagram>>
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SALT windsurfing school & SUP station Lake Bostal
Am Strandbad Gonnesweiler - Lindenallee 1
D-66625 Nohfelden-Gonnesweiler
Website SALT Surfschule>>

SALT saiing school Lake Bostal
Am Seehafen 3
D-66625 Nohfelden-Bosen
Website SALT Segelschule>>

S.A.L.T. Yacht - Saar-Palatinate branch
Bismarckstr. 57
D-66121 Saarbruecken
Website SALT Yacht Saar-Pfalz>>

S.A.L.T. YACHT - Rhine-Main branch
Donnersbergstr. 7
D-65187 Wiesbaden
Website SALT Yacht Rhein-Main>>

SALT charter port "Marina Saartropez"
Bismarckstr. 153
D-66121 Saarbruecken
Website SALT Marina Saartropez>>

S.A.L.T. Yacht Italy
Lago Maggiore
Cannero Riviera
Website SALT Yacht Italy>>


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