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SALT Marina Saartropez

The SALT Marina Saartropez was built in 2001 in the east harbor of Saarbrücken. The 86-meter pier offers moorings for up to 25 boats and yachts. As a charter harbor for houseboats, and home for private boat owners and also harbor for the SALT training and rental boats, Marina Saartropez is still of major importance for water sports in the region.
The proximity to France with its beautiful navigable canals and the many locks makes the location particularly attractive for - also longer - boat trips.

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Marina Saartropez

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Motorboat, sailing and windsurfing school
Bismarckstr. 57, D-66121 Saarbrücken, Germany
commercial register: HRB 8805 beim AG Saarbruecken/Germany
CEO (Geschäftsfuehrerin): Dorothea Russ

Für Deutschland: Steuernummer: 040/118/00012, Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE 138114328
Für Luxembourg: Numéro I.B.L.C.: 15915826, Numéro matricule T.V.A.: 1989 3401 248, Numéro d’identification T.V.A.: LU 15915826
Per l'Italia: P.IVA: 02604010039, C.F.: 02604010039, Domicilio fiscale: Comune di Verbania VB
Pour la France: Numéro d'immatriculation près du Tribunal de Commerce: 881529366 RCS Paris