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SALT practical training

The SALT practical training division has specialized in the training of pure practice on motor boats, sailing yawls and sailing yachts and addresses two target groups:

1.) B2B (companies, institutions)
SALT provides practical training for companies and organizations, for example, which offers theoretical training for yachting schools and clubs that do not have sufficient practical capacity or do not offer their own sailing training. Providers of online courses, apps and learning software are also happy to use these collaboration options.

2.) B2C (private individuals)
There are many reasons why interested parties want pure practical training - regardless of a course offer. For example, because they have been boating or sailing for many years, so they have a lot of experience and are now supposed to get an official license. Other have learned the theory at home alone through an online course or have been given the knowledge of friends and family and are looking for a way to do the practical part. Perhaps the training was started at another boat school and cannot / will not be continued there.

Other interested parties already have their driver's license and would like to refresh the practical knowledge again, expand it or practice individual maneuvers under professional guidance. Perhaps the last time you were on your own with a sailboat or motorboat was many years ago and therefore you want to go back on the water with some help for the first time! Others use the offer as a way to simply try out whether you enjoy water sports at all.

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