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Welcome to SALT sailing school!

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Learn to sail at the largest recreational lake in southwest Germany!


The 120 hectare lake Bostalsee in the Sankt Wendeler Land is idyllically embedded in the low mountain range of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park.

The Bostalsee offers ideal conditions for learning to sail during your vacation. For you and your family, the Sankt Wendeler Land also offers an wide range of leisure activities.

The accommodations

There are hotels at all price levels around the lake, as well as rooms in guest houses, holiday apartments and a youth hostel. We recommend the campground at the sea, which offers a high standard and a relaxed holiday atmosphere for favourable money
You can find accommodation options on

Getting there

The Bostalsee is conveniently located and can be easily reached via the Autobahn 1 or 62. There is a train connection from Frankfurt and Saarbruecken to the Tuerkismühle train station. From there is a bus connection to the lake. You will find an arrival description here.

Sailing training at Bostalsee

The SALT Sailing school is a training center recognized by the German Sailing Association and trains according to the guidelines of that association.
You learn to sail on our easy-to-maneuver sailing dinghies "Flying Cruiser". A competent sailing instructor is always at your side on every boat.
The theoretical knowledge is imparted by our trainers in our modern training building directly at the port.

Learn to sail on the Bostalsee

Acknowledgments of the sailing school

The SALT sailing school is recognized by all three German professional associations:

Deutscher Segler Verband
Deutscher Segler Verband

Deutscher Motoryachtverband
Deutscher Motoryachtverband

Verband deutscher Sportbootschulen
Verband deutscher Sportbootschulen

Qualitätsausbildung im Wassersport
Qualitätsausbildung im Wassersport